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Providing peace of mind defines our company. Woods & Wetlands helps developers meet ecosystem regulations for new construction, as well as the future needs of their properties and the surrounding natural habitats. We’ve built a reputation for taking the lead on every project, and completing it on time and budget…so you have far less to worry about.

Woods and Wetlands is a preferred supplier to national and international commercial and residential community developers, helping them with both initial site work and ongoing maintenance. This includes exotic, non-native vegetation removal, and subsequent mitigation of native re-plantings – done in either local on-site or off-site preserve areas across the state. We were recently chosen to complete the removal of vegetation for a boardwalk relocation enhancement project on the grounds of The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort in Naples, and have been responsible for bringing thousands of acres of preserve areas into compliance under SFWMD and US Army Corps of Engineers permits.

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Woods & Wetlands is known for excellence in all we do. We understand that our clients are stewards of the ecosystems within our communities, and we are passionate about helping them achieve their goals. We provide sustainable results, and deliver our services in a responsible, caring, resourceful, and friendly manner. Our years of experience and full-service capabilities allow us to help our clients achieve their goals.

Wetlands Restoration and Enhancement

Removal of Exotic and Non-Native Nuisance Vegetation

Lake and Pond Littoral Planting and Maintenance

Golf Course Enhancement and Planting

Fire Fuel Reduction

Certified Arborist Services

Conservation & Preserve Area Restoration and Maintenance

Hurricane Debris Clean-Up

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