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David Quinlan: President & CEO | Woods & Wetlands Inc

David Quinlan

President & CEO

Email: david@woodsandwetlands.com

David has been at the helm of Woods & Wetlands for over a decade. In his leadership role, he oversees all phases of the company’s operations, including the management of the field team’s preserve mitigation, restoration, and maintenance. David is also responsible for leading the company’s strategic and business development initiatives. He takes great pride in the team he has built, and their dedication to meeting their clients’ ecosystem needs.

Cory O’Meara: Vice President | Woods & Wetlands Inc

Cory O’Meara

Vice President

Email: cory@woodsandwetlands.com

Cory has been Woods & Wetlands’ Ecosystem Restoration Manager for 15 years. He is our “man in the field” and directly supervises each of our team members. Cory has also become the person our customers depend on to ensure their projects are done on time and on budget. He is involved in estimating, scheduling and overall quality control. His background includes all phases of exotic, non-native, and nuisance vegetation removal, and the replanting of native species for both private properties and government agencies. These include a large variety of environmentally sensitive projects.

Shannon Newmans: Administration | Woods & Wetlands Inc

Shannon Newmans


Email: shannon@woodsandwetlands.com

Shannon joined the Woods & Wetlands team in January, 2014, and quickly became an integral part of our company. She runs all of our day-to-day office operations, including but not limited to, accounts payable/receivable, payroll, human resources, insurance, running financial reports, and more. Additionally, her willingness and flexibility allow her to assist with large projects when needed. Shannon brings with her 20 years of experience running and managing businesses. This gives her a unique perspective and understanding that helps Woods & Wetlands remain competitive and provide the best possible pricing to our clients.

Kole Truckenmiller: Operations Manager | Woods & Wetlands Inc

Kole Truckenmiller

Operations Manager

Email: kole@woodsandwetlands.com

Kole is one of the newer members of our team and currently acts as our Operations Manager. He supervises multiple crews in all phases of environmental remediation while assisting with the estimating of projects and the scheduling of our field teams. Over his career in Southwest Florida, Kole has worked on projects of all sizes – included those valued at well over $1,000,000.

Shane Tucker: Superintendent | Woods & Wetlands Inc

Shane Tucker


Email: shane@woodsandwetlands.com

Shane is one of the more diverse members of our staff. He can operate every piece of equipment we use and runs multiple crews simultaneously. Shane began his career in the field 6 years ago with a backpack and machete, so he knows exactly what it takes to get the job done right. Because of his hands-on experience, he provides valuable insight to each project.


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Woods & Wetlands has become a preferred choice across of all Southwest Florida by consistently demonstrating our ability to help clients effectively create, maintain, and protect their ecosystems. And we have done so for over 25 years. Our unique skill set, dedicated team, and experience across all areas of ecosystem restoration result in jobs getting done right the first time, every time.

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