Woods & Wetlands Ecosystem Restoration

Stewards of Southwest Florida

For over 25 years, Woods & Wetlands has helped Southwest Florida-based property owners, management companies, government agencies, and residential and commercial developers manage, restore, and protect their ecosystems. We provide a full range of services, highlighted by the expert removal of numerous exotic non-native vegetation that threatens our environment. We help our clients to be compliant, while ensuring their ecosystem’s health, beauty, integrity, and sustainability.

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We are Stewards of Ecosystem Management

We meet our clients’ needs the first time, every time, and exceed expectations on every project.

White Cattail Icon Woods & Wetlands Inc. | Ecosystem Restoration for Southwest Florida

We Help and Restore Florida Ecosystems

We work diligently to maintain, renew and restore an array of ecosystems and natural habitats across Southwest Florida.

White Cattail Icon Woods & Wetlands Inc. | Ecosystem Restoration for Southwest Florida
Full Service

Complete Ecosystem Services

Count on our unique skill set and dedicated team to deliver the suite of services that ensures compliance and protection of our environment.

Working With Clients Throughout Southwest Florida

Full-Service Ecosystem Restoration for an Array of Projects of all Sizes.

Woods & Wetlands has a reputation for excellence in all we do. Our entire team understands that our clients are stewards of the ecosystems within our communities and state, and we are passionate about helping them accomplish their mission. We are also committed to providing sustainable, cost-effective, and long-term results, and deliver our services in a responsible, caring, resourceful, and friendly manner, ensuring trust and peace of mind for all our customers.

Nothing stands in the way of our new Amphibious Excavator.

Woods & Wetlands has just added an Amphibious Excavator to our arsenal of ecosystem restoration equipment. This innovative piece of equipment enables our crews to do heavy work in soft, waterlogged, and unstable terrain more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This saves our clients money and allows us to be off-site in less time.

Plus we’re the only ecosystem company in Southwest Florida with this incredible machine.

Have a job for our new Amphibious Excavator? Reach out today.

A Bobcat Amphibious Excavator operating in swampy conditions.

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Qualifications & Certifications

Professional | Skilled | Responsible


  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector
  • Best Management Practices
  • Collier County Landscaping Restricted Contractor
  • Collier County Tree Removal and Trimming Contractor


  • FDOT – MOT (Maintenance of Traffic)
  • CDL (Licensed Drivers)
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Hazardous Materials Operation/OSHA Level II
  • Certified Pile Burner
  • Schools and Day Care Centers Allowable Herbicides Compliant


  • Licensed Dealer in Agriculture Products
  • FDACS Commercial Applicator Licenses
    • Natural Areas Weed Management
    • Forest Pest Control
    • Aquatic Pest Control
    • Right of Way