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Creating Sustainable Partnerships

Woods & Wetlands believes that our clients are stewards of the ecosystems within our communities and state. Together, we share a common passion for sustainable, cost-effective, and long-term results for our eco-systems. We are committed to delivering our services in a responsible, caring, resourceful, and friendly manner to ensure trust and peace of mind for all our customers.

  • Landscape Architects
  • Ecologists
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Residential and Commercial Developers
  • CDDs, Property Managers and HOAs
  • Golf Course Communities
  • Water Management Districts
  • Federal, State and Local Agencies

We provide trust and peace of mind.

The Right Size for Your Project

We do it all

Our size allows us to handle some of the largest and most challenging projects in Southwest Florida, yet we remain small and nimble enough to ensure projects of all sizes and types get personalized attention from the senior members of the company. You get a complete, end-to-end partner whose expertise adds value at every stage of the job and who ensures your ultimate satisfaction at the project’s conclusion. This reduces worries, helps control costs, and helps maintain your property and its ecosystem for the long-term.

Landscape Architects

At Woods & Wetlands, we have the experience to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s residential, commercial, leisure, or municipal properties, we can help with new properties or the transformation and maintenance of any existing outdoor area. That includes planning, clean-up, land and water management, removal of non-native foliage, fresh plantings, and ongoing maintenance.

We offer all the services you could need.

Ecologists & Environmental Consultants

We understand and embrace your commitment to ecologically-based land planning, design, restoration, and management. We are committed to creating functional and sustainable settings that address landscape, ecosystem, and community needs. Woods & Wetlands has earned the reputation for being the ideal partner in the implementation and maintenance of applied ecology and ecological restoration projects. We pride ourselves on taking a leadership role and ensuring that your expectations are met quickly and efficiently on each project.

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Residential and Commercial Developers

Florida’s ever-increasing population will transform landscapes, agricultural fields, and wetlands into housing developments and commercial space to support this population growth. One result of this is the loss of essential preserved spaces, natural vegetation, and wildlife habitats. Woods & Wetlands helps both residential and commercial developers comply with ecosystem regulations for new construction, and at the same time, helps them strike a harmonious balance between the needs of the developer, the surrounding community, and the natural habitats. And once the projects are completed, we can provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the sustainability of property.

We deliver cost-effective control, management, and restoration solutions.

HOAs, Property Managers, and CDDs

Woods & Wetlands helps community development districts (CDDs), residential property managers and homeowner associations meet the many diverse environmental needs of their communities. Not only do we help these properties meet compliance standards with their preserves, water, and open spaces, we help them maintain a community that is attractive to current and prospective homeowners. This helps ensure properties increase in value while enhancing the quality of life for all residents. We’ve worked with communities of all sizes across Southwest Florida. These include new, well-established developments, golf communities, those on inland waterways, high-rise developments, and those adjacent to preserve and wetland areas.

Planning, clean-up, land and water management, ongoing maintenance and more.

Golf Course Communities

Golf associations face the dual challenges of providing beautiful courses, while maintaining their ecosystems, including sustainable vegetation, water, and wildlife habitats. As environmental requirements have expanded, golf course architects and managers have begun to pay closer attention to design and management. The result is environmentally responsible practices that benefit the natural ecosystem. Helping golf communities achieve this goal is one of the things Woods & Wetlands does best. The large number of golf clubs and communities we’ve worked with throughout Southwest Florida speaks volumes about our expertise and commitment to excellence in this area.

We help our clients remain compliant.

Water Management Districts

Woods & Wetlands has helped many of Florida's major water management districts fulfill their mission of ensuring the continued well-being of the water resources in our state. We help them maintain and care for their local lakes, rivers, and adjacent land areas, ensuring the free flow of water to the ocean and Gulf of Mexico. This includes exotic vegetation control, such as the removal of non-native vegetation and the planting of pine tree seedlings. We work with water management districts to help developers and HOA’s of residential or commercial properties remain compliant with local environmental regulations for designated wetlands and conservation areas.

The #1 choice for exotic vegetation control contractors for Lee County 2018-2020.

Federal, State and Local Agencies and Authorities

Woods & Wetlands is a preferred resource for many state and local municipal agencies across Southwest Florida. As such, we help them manage the ecosystems within their communities, including tens of thousands of conservation and preserve acreage under their control. These agencies include the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Forest Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We also have relationships with all counties in Southwest Florida, as well as the Cities of Naples and Fort Myers. Each has come to depend on our expertise, familiarity with applicable regulations, and our reputation for completing projects on time and on budget.


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